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Nahum Curtis: Patriarchal Blessing

Naham Curtis
Blessing given age 59, died age 62

The patriarchal blessing of Naham Curtis, son of Moses and Molly Curtis, born in the town of New Salem, Franklin County, Massachusetts, July 7th 1784:

Brother Naham, I lay my hands upon your head in the name of Jesus to seal the blessings of the covenant upon your head according to the desires and integrity of your heart, for you are an Ephraimite and shall be numbered wit the first born from whom and unto whom cometh the Shepherd of the Stone of Israel upon whose heads are the crown of the priesthood and by whom shall the tribes and nations of Israel be crowned. Therefore, I seal upon your head the blessings of the everlasting covenant even the blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, even the blessings of the priesthood. The same shall be a blessing upon the heads of your posterity, and to be continued in their lineage unto the latest generation.

And your name shall be had in hornorable remembrance and perpetuated by them and for your sacrifices, spiritual blessings shall be multiplied upon your head, and for the honest integrity of your heart in which there is no guile.

You shall enter into the rest, and your children after you, that remains for the people of God, and be numbered with the sanctified and with those that shall come up upon Mount Zion with the hundred and forty and four thousand (144,000) and with innumerable multitude that had washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. This is a blessing by promise upon you and upon your children after you.

Therefore, I seal you up unto eternal life, that your mind may be at rest, and that your heart may rejoice and that joy may spring up in your heart, henceforth, and that you may go down to your grave in peace, and your works to continue and you shall be blest spiritually and temporally according to your faith as it hath hitherto been multiplied upon your head, notwithstanding your sufferings and your sacrifices and your name shall be remembered and your name and acts shall be written in the chronicles of your brethren and your days and years shall be multiplied upon your head, and be many. These blessings I seal upon your head, even so. Amen.

Given by Hyrum Smith at Nauvoo, Illinois, March 28th 1843.

James Sloan, Clerk


  1. Nancy- My name is Chantel Hanks. I've been working on a family history project for my husband's family and came across this as a source link in FamilySearch. His 4th great grandfather is Nahum Curtis and Delia is my 5th great grandmother. Needless to say, I was shocked when I found out! I am trying to put a book together, I was wondering where you've gotten these amazing sources? Do you have any original copies or images of the original copies that I can put in my book? May I have permission to copy some sources you've already put in your blog? Specifically Nahum's P.B. and the life story of Delia. Thanks for this information you've posted!! It's answering a lot of questions I've had.

    1. Hi Chantel—I'm replying to you here in case you don't see the reply on my blog (you didn't leave your email address). Delila's history was written by my mother's cousin Helen; I don't mind if you use it and I'm sure she wouldn't either since she's offered it to the whole family, but if you'd like I can put her in contact with you.

      You're welcome to use anything I put up on that site. We're all about sharing. :)

      As far as patriarchal blessings go, you can order those from the church, I believe. And the originals of the letters and things are from...another (more distant) cousin. I can also put you in contact with her but I'd have to look up her information.

      Again, you're free to use whatever!