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Delia Deliverance Byam Curtis: Patriarchal Blessing II

Delia Deliverance Byam Curtis
Blessing given age 67, died age 82

Patriarchal blessing given in Payson, February 20, 1856 by John Young upon the head of Delia Curtis, born December 4, 1789, Chenlford (Chelmsford), Massachusetts, daughter of John and Sarah Byham (Byam).

Sister Delia, I now lay my hands upon your head and give you a father’s blessing and to seal upon your head the blessings of the everlasting gospel, and in as much as thou art one of those that He has spoken to for He had said blessed are those that hear the joyful sound whose heart shall be made glad with the everlasting gospel. Thou hast left thy native land and obeyed the gospel, therefore, thou art entitled to the same for thou art a daughter of Abraham through Ephraim and entitled to all the blessings of the everlasting covenant and thou art and shall be blest.

I pray that the Holy Comforter may rest down upon you in consequence of the blessings which the Lord has in reserve for you. You will be called to pass through many trials and difficulties. I seal the blessings of life and health upon you and say that you shall live until you are satisfied with life, and not withstanding you are well stricken in life and years. Yet, you can live many years to rejoice with the people of God, and see the cause of your Redeemer spread far and wide. Thy last days shall be thy best days and many shall rise up and call thee blessed because of thy integrity, and thou shalt dream dreams and see heavenly visions and holy messengers shall be sent unto thee, and thy mind shall expand to comprehend the great things of God. I confer these blessings upon thee and ask my Father to satisfy them in the heavens and I say if thou wilt be faithful to those set over thee and to the dictates of the Holy Spirit, thou shalt be blest indeed.

I seal thee up to eternal life and I pray my Father that no power may be permitted to destroy thee, but that your feet may stand in sure places and your pathway shall grow brighter and brighter until the perfect day and greater blessings no man can have than the Lord has for you. And I pray that you may live to realize those blessings and be prepared to be gathered with the saints wherever they shall be gathered and that you may be amongst that happy number which John saw having the palms in their hands and I say be faithful, and your mouth shall speak forth words of wisdom, and your name shall be had in honor among the saints of God.

All these blessings with all others which thou canst desire I seal upon thee in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, even so. Amen.

J. V. Long, Jr. S. A. B. Lory

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