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Delia Deliverance Byam Curtis: Patriarchal Blessing

Delia Deliverance Byam Curtis
Blessing given age 54, died age 82

The patriarchal blessing of Delia Curtis, daughter of John and Sarah Byam, born in the town of Chelsford (Chelmsford), Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, December 4th 1789.

Sister Delia, I lay my hands upon your head in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, and seal you up unto eternal life as a blessing upon your head and as a memorial for your for generations after you, for your name shall be recorded with the names of the blessed, and shall go down to generations after you with honor, even to be perpetuated unto the latest generation, for you are of Israelitish descent, and your lineage is through the loins of Jacob, whose offsprings are among the nations, and whose seed are among the Gentiles. Therefore, you shall be numbered with his seed, even the seed of Jacob, and be numbered with the blest and enter into the everlasting covenant, and receive and rejoice in its fullness.

And you shall be blest with the promise that shall reach your children, and that cometh upon your father’s house, and your inheritance shall be with your fathers. And as to your blessings temporally shall be in common with your husband, and your name shall be perpetuated through the lineage of the priesthood to go down with your posterity as a blessing according to the desires of your heart, and you shall be blest in days and in years, with seeing and hearing much of the salvation of God, and a crown of glory, celestial, in the mansion of your father, and a place with Sarah and Rachael.

These blessings I seal upon your head, even so. Amen.

Given by Hyrum Smith at Nauvoo, Illinois, March 28th 1843.
James Sloan, Clerk

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